Chloe Davis


Queen Chloe Davis. Superior Female
A  short fantasy for you to explore, by Queen, Chloe Davis, 6ft Amazon Model,
Escort, Wrestler & MMA-xxx Champion

You blink awake with the feeling that you’re not alone. As you try to rise from your bed, you’re shoved down firmly by a woman who dwarves you, a redhead beauty with a steely glare and a latex bodysuit, who looks you in the eyes and says, “Stay”. She lowers her glistening body down onto yours and holds you down as she begins to consume you…

There is no escape. But escape is the last thing on your mind.

6’8″ in heels and 50ft tall in your hearts; the UK’s tallest amazonian adult model, Queen Chloe Davis, brings you all the pictures, videos, chat and giantess domination action you can take on her new site

The finest fuck machine
Britain has to offer

Whether you’re into fetish, BDSM, domination, or hardcore action, whether you’re a redhead fan or a tattoo freak or you just love that she is the finest, tallest, fuck machine Britain has to offer, then you have found the right place to be…

The Glamazon that is Chloe Davis invites you to have a look around her personal online home, check out her exclusive pictures and videos that you won’t find anywhere else online, have a peruse of her personal market place and find a pair of worn stockings or heels, that you might like to own, or some of her personalised goodies also on offer. Not found the genre of video that floats your boat? Then use the contact form to request a custom video made just for you…

Would you like to arrange a personal meet & greet, a photoshoot or a Domination session, then check out my Services tab on the menu and get in touch.

And finally check out my blog, to hear her back stage gossip from my most recent shoot/matches.. Whatever you fancy or however you choose to worship Queen Chloe, it should be here for you. If it isn’t then you need to use the contact me form and get in touch.

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